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Nanuma – African Drum, Dance & Singing Performance

30th July 2021 by Jamie

We are delighted to share the performance videos for the ‘Nanuma’ piece by Reception children at LIPA Primary School. Nanuma is a traditional greeting song from Ghana, and the children learned about some of the West African traditions through the medium of singing, dancing and drumming. You can see the performance below:

We think the children did fantastically well to put together the structure of the song, then combine the African drums with the African dance moves. The dance was choreographed by our dance leader Sally Davies and delivered through a range of classroom workshops and video tutorials, produced by SoMi Academy. Music leaders George & Greg helped the children keep the ‘pulse’ in their drums, and deliver a beautifully sung vocal performance of Nanuma.

The COVID19 pandemic meant that our plans to engage the wider community through an inclusive ‘flash mob’ style public performance were hampered. Instead, we worked with the bubbles that have been established at LIPA Primary School to engage parents and pupils of other year groups in a fun, spontaneous way.

The performance was initially intended to coincide with and be featured at Liverpool’s Africa Oyé festival, however the event was sadly postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. We hope to deliver another performance next year, in person!

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